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  • Name: Soap Additives
  • No.: JJ-001
  • Time: 2016-07-27
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New type High efficient detergency promoter for perfumed soap is like normal synthesis zoelite 4A, the surface of which is superfine white powder; the inner structure is cry stalline tetrahedral framework,There are large amount of even microporesin the framework so that its inner surface is Very large(100spm/g above), with which it can not only exchange non-homogeneous ions with Ca, Mg to soften the water,and also can absorb the dye and other molecule to keep fabric colorful and fragrant.
Our soap additives is lipophilic and oil absorbency rate is 20-40%, It can absorb,suspend,disperse,peptize and emulsify many different kinds of oil,cooperating surface activator to clean the oil stain from the fabric effectively.
Our soap additives can coagulate colorful dirt in colloidal state and improve detergency, During washing,it can absorb the scattered dirt in molecule,at the same time it can also hold the colorful dirt in colloidal state.Take an instance: add some carbon black suspension liquid in to this detergency promoter, the Cloudy suspension liquid rapidly become less.

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