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  • Name: Rubber Odor Removal
  • No.: JH-100A-2
  • Time: 2017-03-07
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Rubber Odor Removal

In rubber products, the Rubber Odor Removal effectively lightens or removes odor or peculiar smell caused by rubber agent and rubber residual. Rubber Odor Removal is especially applied to rubber products which are made of regrind materials.
It is of best thermal endurance, small dosage with long-time effect. And it has no effect on the property of rubber products requiring removing odor.
【Applicable Scope】
    It is used in natural rubber, nitrile rubber buna, styrene-butadiene rubber, reclaimed rubber, etc.
    No toxicity, no irritation, small dosage
    Directly chelate low-molecular compound (composed of amino nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide functional groups).
    Directly take effect on active groups and make them not volatilize in the surrounding environment.
【Melting Point】
【Appearance and Color】  
    White powder
【Application Method】

  Rubber Odor Removal is widely used in Tires, Automotive interior,Automobile sealing strip,rubber products and Reclaimed rubber products.
    User should mix powder with the materials equally as much as possible according to your own production condition. Better mixing creates better deodorizing effect.
    Operation temperature has little effect. Generally speaking, high temperature is better for deodorizing.
【Referential Dosage】
Rubber Odor Removal Dosage in compound is 3-8‰. Appropriately increase the amount in the reclaimed material.

【Storage and Transportation】
Rubber Odor Removal Stored in a well-ventilated, dry place and avoid the direct sunshine

    Avoid rain or insolation in transportation.

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