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  • Name: Nuclear waste treatment Zeolite
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  • Time: 2017-03-31
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Nuclear waste treatment Zeolite

Ningbo jiahe nuclear waste treatment zeolite is with high Ammonia absorption capacity and heavy metal exchange capacity, CEC is 179.86 mol/100g, and it can be widely used as an absorption of nuclear waste amd heavy metal waste to purify the water and field.

Nuclear waste treatment Zeolite is a natural fertlizer to plants and help grow much more healthy.

Zeolite can function as a cost effective medium for waste water treatment. The natural properties of zeolite can be used to remove ammonia, minimize runoff, and absorb odors.

As environmental regulations require increasingly effective methods of treating waste – zeolite can be used to protect and manage waste water in an economical manner.



The natural filtration properties of zeolite can be used within aquaculture industries such as fish farming, aquariums, and transport. Zeolite can act as a medium to help to absorb nitrates, nitrites, and phosphates to maintain a high quality of water.

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