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  • Name: Natural zeolites in Argriculture / water treatment and acquaculture
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  • Time: 2017-04-02
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Natural zeolites in Argriculture / water treatment and acquaculture

Properties of Zeolite

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral found in volcanic ash. What makes zeolites notable is their crystalline structure perforated by microscopic pores. These pores allow zeolites to act as natural filters.

Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals and are widely used in multiple cross industry applications ranging from water purification to radioactive waste containment. Characterized by its high surface charge density and high cation exchange capacity, zeolites’ unique ability to absorb and bind a broad range of materials makes it a simple and inexpensive solution to many problems spanning a variety of industries and environmental issues.

Zeolite can be used in raw unprocessed form or processed into specific sizes ranging from granular to powder form depending on the application.



As a natural mineral zeolite’s properties offer a broad range of applications throughout the agricultural industry. The properties of zeolite are ideal for use in odour and moisture control in municipal composting, animal feed supplements, zeoponics for greenhouse growing mediums and high-value outdoor zeolitic fertilizers.


Water Treatment

Zeolite can function as a cost effective medium for waste water treatment. The natural properties of zeolite can be used to remove ammonia, minimize runoff, and absorb odors.

As environmental regulations require increasingly effective methods of treating waste – zeolite can be used to protect and manage waste water in an economical manner.



The natural filtration properties of zeolite can be used within aquaculture industries such as fish farming, aquariums, and transport. Zeolite can act as a medium to help to absorb nitrates, nitrites, and phosphates to maintain a high quality of water.

Aquaculture Industry


The natural green properties of zeolite lend themselves to a number of Green Tech industrial application, Zeolite is used throughout a number of industrial application such as road salt replacement, radioactive waste containment, artificial turf, and many more

NAME SIO2 Fe2O3 Al2O3 Tio2 CaO MgO K2O Na2O Ignition
Leaf agalmatolite 70.1 0.7 19-21 0.08 0.42 0.65 0.45 0.6 4.2
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