Deodorant series

In rubber products, the rubber deodorant effectively lightens or removes odor or peculiar smell caused by rubber agent and rubber residual. It is especially applied to rubber products which are made of regrind materials.

Zeolite series

The natural zeolite powder can be widely used in detergent industry producing perfumed soap,laundry soap and whiten soap to improve the outlook and washing

Soap powder, Methly Ester Sulfonate

Jiahe New Materials is specialized in producing various powder raw materials .The raw material of soap powder is natural plant oil which has good biodegradation,is safe and environmental friendly. 

Pyrophyllite powder

Pyrophyllite is a kind of hydrous aluminum silicate mineral, with melting point of 1,700℃, white, platy radial aggregate. It is of gloss, toughness, chemical stability, low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, low electrical conductivity, high insulating ability, high melting point and favorable corrosion resistance.


New type High efficient detergency promoter for perfumed soap is like normal synthesis zoelite 4A, the surface of which is superfine white powder;the inner structure is cry stalline tetrahedral framework,There are large amount of even microporesin the framework so that its inner surface is Very large...

Chlorite powder

Chlorite powder

Rubber Reinforcing agent

Rubber Reinforcing agent


High content of dyed earth for rush, low content of iron, sulfide and organic matters, strong absorbing property, uniform color. Color of the dyed rush remains unchanged for long time.

Brightening agent

Le rubber plastic reinforcing agent is spherical light-colored inosilicate material through chemical surface treatment by artificially synthesizing particulate, cryptocrystalline and amorphous natural quartz and silicon.



  • Product Details: China Pyrophyllite PowderChina Pyrophyllite Powder is a kind of hydrous aluminum silicate mineral, with meltin...
  • Product Details: Pyrophyllite powder is a kind of hydrous aluminum silicate mineral, with melting point of 1,700℃, white, platy...
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